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    “Go Big, or Go Home.”

    … or sometimes stated “Go big or don’t go at all”

    I always thought this quote sounded arrogant. It seems it should be shouted during a locker room interview with an accomplished athlete.

    A great slogan, but what does it really mean?

    I see it as every human has the opportunity and choice to define “BIG” for himself or herself. If we are to live our dreams and visions about how we want our lives to be, how we want to be remembered, what our contribution to the world could be, we need to create some big stretch goals to accomplish in our personal and professional lives.

    Over the last 20+ years in IT, Security, and Consulting I have achieved every professional goal I set for myself. Now I back defining some new ones, which will probably be a topic of another thread.

    Until then.. I’ll Define, Plan, Make SMART, and march to the motto “Go BIG, or Go Home”.