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    More sites added today to the reported Epsilon Marketing Breach.  I got a note from (my 7th) and also saw reported online was TIAA-CREF.

    Abe Books
    Ameriprise Financial
    Barclays Bank of Delaware
    Bebe Stores Inc.
    Benefit Cosmetics
    Capital One
    Charter Communications (
    City Market
    The College Board
    Disney Vacations
    Eddie Bauer
    Food 4 Less
    Fred Meyer
    Hilton Honors
    The Home Shopping Network
    Jay C
    JP Morgan Chase
    King Soopers
    LL Bean
    Marriott Rewards
    McKinsey Quarterly
    New York & Co.
    Red Roof Inns Inc.
    Ritz Carlton
    Robert Half
    Smith Brands
    TD Ameritrade
    US Bank

    My latest one… 1-800 Flowers… This is what I get for sending them to someone.  NOT #WINNING  ;-)

    Dear Customer:

    One of our email service providers, Epsilon, has informed us that we
    are among a group of companies affected by a data breach that may
    have exposed your email address to unauthorized third parties.
    It’s important to know that this incident did not
    involve other account or personally identifiable information.
    We use permission-based email service providers such as Epsilon
    to help us manage email communications to our customers.

    We take your privacy very seriously and we work diligently to ensure
    your private information is always protected.  Epsilon has assured
    us that no private information, other than your email address,
    was involved in the incident.  We regret any inconvenience
    that this may cause you.

    Because of this incident, we advise you to be extremely cautious
    before opening emails from senders you do not recognize.

    We thank you for your understanding in this matter.


    Bibi Brown
    Director, Customer Service

    Security & Privacy

    More to come.


    2 Responses to “Epsilon Marketing Database Breach Update 4”

    • So now I see Sony are trying to suggest that somehow the invincible superhackers known as Anonymous were involved in hacking the Playstation and getting all those credit card details. I think that’s nonsense. From the little I know, Anonymous are ethical hackers, not thieves. Sony’s security wasn’t good enough, that’s all there is to it. They’re trying to make it look like since Anonymous were involved, no encryption in the world would have been secure, that Anonymous are invincible and so Sony exercised due diligence in setting up their encryption. That won’t wash, Sony. We see through you!

      • Amazing how you can have an #epicfail and point fingers at the first thing that looks like #anonymous. If I did hack Sony.. I would leave a trail leading to others.. If I was investigating this breach I would look at the .pdf that said “I am legion” and saw .. RIGHT

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