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    Today it has been reported that Network security firm WatchGuard Technologies released a list of social media that poses the highest risk to corporate network security.

    “According to our research, the threat to corporate networks is greatest issue today,” warned President & CEO of WatchGuard, Joe Wang.

    In his presentation he explained, a number of research institutions have reported that the United States has lost billions U.S. dollars per year due to reduced productivity.   With a variety of reasons being a reduction in employee productivity and the threat to corporate networks, WatchGuard  compiled a list of social media at high risk based on his research.

    1. Facebook

    Social networking site Facebook has become the most dangerous at the moment, because it is so popular among users, including businesses.

    With more than 500 million users, Facebook has become fertile ground for hackers (crackers). Plus a number of technical concerns, such as open App API (Application Programming Interface).

    2. Twitter

    Many people do not think the threat may come only from the 140 characters tweets, but that is a bad assumption. In some cases, a short Twitter posts are creating the weakness of short URL.

    The short URL can indeed save the character, but hackers could be misused to create malicious links. Additionally, Twitter is constantly under threatened attack from related weakness to Web 2.0 and API, including worms.

    3. YouTube

    As one of the most popular video site on the Internet, hackers have also targeted YouTube. Hackers often create malicious Web page that masquerades as YouTube video page.

    In addition, the attackers are often flooding the comments section of YouTube with spam and malicious links.

    4. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn carries heavier loads because these sites are generally oriented towards business. This also attract hackers because it is very reliable.

    Because most users of LinkedIn use this site to establish business relationships, they generally display the information that could be sensitive and confidential, without them knowing it.

    5. 4chan

    4chan is an image sharing site that is quite popular. 4chan has been heavily involved in various Internet-related attacks ‘anonymous’ which is the only one who got the user username.

    “The hackers flooded 4chan forum with spam,” said Wang.

    6. Chatroulette

    This site allows users web camera chat with other people at random. Anonymous nature of the website has become soft targets for Internet predators.


    “Businesses increasingly require safety equipment to manage the many web applications are pouring into the corporate network. We have the solution through WatchGuard Application Control,” Wang said.

    With WatchGuard Application Control, he continued, IT administrators can now choose to allow, block or restrict access to applications by department, job function, time and day, as well as create usage reports.

    “This ability to maintain business applications that are not productive, unfit and risky,” said Wang.





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